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Just as the Mac has evolved so have the needs of the user: this is why we are now MacSUPPORTplus.

September 1998 Mac Recovery Club was launched to UK Mac users based on the business models of the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) and the AA (Automobile Association).

MRC set out a new proposition.  No more traditional waiting around for a Service Technician to arrive and fix your simple IT problem, your MRC technician would explain how to fix the problem, over the telephone.

Over the years we grew the number of technicians in our employ until we were close on 80 at one point.

But as the Mac OS grew stronger and more complex, Apple also 'ironed out' a lot of the early bugs thus making the Mac OS more reliable. Day to day requirements for technicians to be on the telephone grew less and less and all too often technicians would sit around bored.

Then one day one of the technicians approached us and asked if he could become 'part time'.  He had a number of Mac Users he knew that were using their Macs for very specialist purposes and he had found a niche that suited him perfectly.

We had evolved to iCare and felt that the technicians request could be accommodated whilst protecting our customers.  We set up a License operation.

Over the next few years, more and more technicians took this option and on the 1st April 2018 our last, 'employed' technician took the leap and also became a licensed operator trading under our name, MacSUPPORTplus.

This has had a number of consequential effect not least being that the company has dissolved the Limited status and also de-registered for VAT.  All of the 'consequences' have proven financially beneficial and therefore means savings we can pass on to our customers.

When you talk to your, MacSUPPORTplus technician you are still talking to us as a company and we will continue to provide you with the Standard of service you know and understand.  Nothing has changed except that when you receive your invoice, it is actually being produced by your technician.

We have now been operating the service for 10 years and a full 100% of customers have transferred completely, transparantly, with no direct alteration to the service they are used to.

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