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Just as the Mac has evolved so have the needs of the user: this is why we are now MacSUPPORTplus.

Why this provocotive image?

Read on to understand as yet another scam hits our screens!

Brought to our attention over the last few weeks.

MacSupportplus subscribers have been calling about a email received; the content making some serious allegations: and followed up with threats of serious consequences if the reader doesn't pay up!   Electronic Blackmail.

if you receive this email you should report it to yoiur email servic e provider and the Police.

The sender claims, they have accessed your computer camera and email address book.  They then go on to claim that using your computer camera they have made a film of you during night hours watching pornographic content and your actions whilst doing so.  They then go onto say that unless you pay them money they will send this film to everyone in your email address book.

Let us start off by putting your minds at rest.

All Apple computers have a green LED that light's up when your camera is in use.

If, as the scammers claim they filmed you during night time hours, the green LED would be very prominent in your eyes and so you would notice and think why is my camera on?

We can also tell you that, you would have to agree to some very specific camera controlling software being installed on your Mac that allowed remote camera access: without any other notification that your computer was being accessed remotely.

if you haven't agreed to this then again you are secure.

We believe that this scam originated after it was announced that there had been a security based software application developed that if your Mac was stolen, once the Mac was in use, you could access the camera and microphone remotely to gain information and report the thieves to the Police.

The security software idea failed because the camera LED would light up every time and the thieves recognised that they were being watched.

We have though checked with one of our colleagues at Apple who confirmed that the camera cannot be used without the LED being lit.

Don't Panic! It's just email blackmail?

Image courtesy imdb

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