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Just as the Mac has evolved so have the needs of the user: this is why we are now MacSUPPORTplus.

Trend Micro, software authors of popular Windows based Anti-this that and the other software, who for years have been trying to convince Mac users to subscribe to their products, have been caught siphoning users data and selling it to 'e' marketing firms.

Their systems have captured your browsing history to send to electronic marketing firms who will then target you with adverts based on your browsing history.

It's MacSupportplus understanding that popular, Dr Cleaner, Dr Antivirus, and App Uninstall. Utilities owned by the Japan-headquartered security house and distributed on the Mac App Store: are no longer available for download.

It is not entirely clear yet whether Apple took action itself and stripped the info-collecting software from its online macOS application store, or if Trend Micro pulled the apps itself following complaints.

Trends' website today still links to the downloads even though they are no longer available.

Fortunately, the newest version of Apple's OS appears to have addressed the first part of that.  We can confirm that Mojave would have blocked access to private data such as browsing history.

The takedown comes just days after another App Store security product, AdWare Doctor, was pulled for exhibiting nearly the exact same malicious activity.

Scaremongers 'anti' tools caught selling personal data.

Data being zipped and sent to an outside server.

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