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IT Information that should be in the public domain

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Just as the Mac has evolved so have the needs of the user: this is why we are now MacSUPPORTplus.

MacSUPPORTplus is committed to bringing important information into the public domain.


As professionals operating in the IT industry, we are regularly embarrased at the decisions made, actions taken, and moral principles of our peers.

There are a lot of highly paid individuals, contolling our lives in one form or another, who are well aware of what is taking place, but choose to ignore the miscreant actions in favour of making the filthy lucre.


Mark Zuckerberg, originator of Facebook, is just 34 years of age and is worth a staggering 77.6 BILLION Dollars

And look at the global mess Facebook has created by unscrupulous manipulators using our data for personal gain.

Please come back regularly. We will send you emails when we think there is something important you should read about.

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